You are currently viewing Episode 204 The Hollywood Writers and Actors Strike 2023

Episode 204 The Hollywood Writers and Actors Strike 2023

The Movie/Streaming/TV has been on strike for awhile. Progress was made with the writers, they have signed a new contract. But for people with livelihoods that depend on this industry, life will not get back to normal until the Actors strike is settle! Inquiring minds want to know what Astrology has to say about settling the strike. Jill has a speculative timed chart for the formation of SAGA. We discuss possible timing for the settling of the strike.

With Moreen Reed and Jill Kirby

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Astrology Charts discussed in this episode

Below are the astrology charts referenced in this podcast episode. Click to enlarge the charts for better visibility.

SAGA Inception
Start of Writers Strike
Writers Strike Ends
Actors Strike Start