You are currently viewing Episode 201 The Chiron Return: 50 year check in on an eccentric Journey.
Chiron Wounded Healer

Episode 201 The Chiron Return: 50 year check in on an eccentric Journey.

We start our discussion with the Myth of Chiron a mythical half man half horse who excelled at may arts but Astrology focuses on the “Archetype” of the “Wounded Healer”. Chart location of the planetoid can reveal the nature and weight of wounding in your chart. Your capacity to help others heal their wounds. Chiron’s eccentric orbit reveals a very unique set of timings that activate Chiron in each individuals chart. I recommend creating a timeline of transiting Chiron to your chart using conjunction, square and the opposition to itself to begin your study.

We Look at Russell Brands Chart and Taylor Swift as well as more personal examples.


With Moreen Reed and Jill Kirby

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Example Russell Brand Chiron Transits
Russell Brand
Taylor Swift Chiron Transits