You are currently viewing Episode 195  “Barbie” in Venus Retrograde and the Future of Feminism!
Barbie Doll

Episode 195 “Barbie” in Venus Retrograde and the Future of Feminism!

How has Gerta Gerwig’s, “Barbie” movie highlighted feminism’s evolution and pushed against our patriarchal society today? Alternatively, has Barbie come back to haunt us with her unrealistic beauty standards? Soooo many questions this movie about a doll brings to the table to three women at different stages in life. Helping us to unpack this is our young cohort Astrologer, Jenna Short, who can speak to the impact that this movie is having on Gen Z and Millennial generations and the conversations it is instigating. On the flip side, the Baby Boomers have other thoughts that may not be so in favour for Barbie and her over-the-top expectations she loaded up on women’s already heavy load.

We look at the “birth” chart of the Barbie doll itself, as well as the Ken the doll’s chart, and the release date of the movie to see how feminism is affecting woman (and men) under the reflective pressure of Venus Retrograde.

Some questions to consider from today’s discussion:

– How has the concept of the modern woman been reworked in the last 8 years?

– Was the Ken character, played by Ryan Gosling, pushing against the patriarchy?

– How is late stage Capitalism linked to the push against patriarchy we see in Barbieland?

With Moreen Reed and Jill Kirby

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Barbie Doll
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