You are currently viewing Episode 194 Forecast for September 2023 with a Bonus chart on an Airplane Mishap!
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Episode 194 Forecast for September 2023 with a Bonus chart on an Airplane Mishap!

Yes we are early with next month’s forecast. Wanted to give a heads up on the Mercury RX that will mess with our wanting to get back to normal in the northern hemisphere. Otherwise the outer planets are kind a quiet. A breather before October comes in with lots of action. Our bonus is a look at a chart for the event of the slowest plane crash into another plane on the ground involving my self and 132 other passengers and the Canadian Military! The September 2023 list September 3 Venus Stations and turns direct Leo12′ September 4 Jupiter Stations Retrograde Taurus15′ Mercury RX Virgo Trines Jupiter Taurus 15′ September 6 Sun conj Mercury RX Virgo 13′ September 8 Sun Virgo Trines Jupiter RX Virgo 15′ September 14 New Moon Virgo 21′ September 15 Sun Virgo Trine Uranus RX Taurus 22′ Mercury station Direct Virgo 8′ September 16 Venus Leo Square Jupiter RX Taurus15′ September 19 Sun Virgo opp Neptune RX Pisces 26′ September 20 Sun Virgo Trine Pluto RX Capricorn 27′ September 22 Sun Ingress Libra September 25 Mercury Virgo Trine Jupiter RX Taurus 14′ September 29 Venus Leo Square Uranus RX Taurus 22′ Full Moon Aries 6′ September 30 Mercury Virgo Trine Uranus RX Taurus 22′

With Moreen Reed and Jill Kirby

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Airplane Crash
September New Moon
Fall Equinox 2023
September Full Moon