Episode 160 Up risings in Iran and China we take a look at what Planets are influencing the Charts

Iran and China  are both in the news these days. We will look at charts from the inception of these countries as they operate now. For Iran the date is when Islamic Republic of Iran came into being following the exodus of the Shah on 16 January 1979, left Iran and went into excile . After a referendum in March the state was declared on April 1 1979 0:01 am Tehran.

China also has a recent chart following the Mao’s people revolution was officially named the People’s Republic of China Oct 1 1949 Peking 

These charts are explored.

With Moreen Reed and Jill Kirby

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Astrology Charts discussed in this episode

Below are the astrology charts referenced in this podcast episode. Click to enlarge the charts for better visibility.

Iran 1979
Iran Woman's Death 2022
Iran Solar return 2022
China 1949
China Building fire 2022