You are currently viewing Ep 29 – Elements, Modes, & Yin and Yang in a chart

Ep 29 – Elements, Modes, & Yin and Yang in a chart

Why it’s all about the balance or lack there of! What happens when seemly nice people get under your skin? Well it just might be a preponderance in a mode, element or yin and yang energy. Today I look at these basic descriptions that I know I have over looked as more trivial than they are. Anne Conway, Al Gore, Yannick Noah, Faye Dunaway, Alphonse Allais, Bing Cosby, Isabel Hickey, James Cozzens, Marion Greenwood, Claude Weiss, Phillippe Rahmy, Bono

With Moreen Reed 

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Astrology Charts discussed in this episode

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Al gore
Alphonse Allais
Anne Conway
Bono U2