You are currently viewing Ep 14 – More Saturn, more Capricorn, More Reality!

Ep 14 – More Saturn, more Capricorn, More Reality!

Capricorn and Saturn will continue, cause they are into it, well not change, oops just kidding!!! Last week I did not get too all the charts with Saturn in Capricorn in all the house/domiciles. I will continue with the last three, Frieda Hughes, Antonio Banderas, and Barack Obama. Next up will be other planets in Capricorn and how they might be experienced. AND if time permits I’m going to start on Saturn through the other signs with chart examples… Brad Pitt, Prince Harry, Robert Downey JR, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Janis Joplin

With Moreen Reed 

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Astrology Charts discussed in this episode

Below are the astrology charts referenced in this podcast episode. Click to enlarge the charts for better visibility.

Frieda Hughes
Antonio Banderas
Barack Obama
Brad Pitt
Prince Harry