Ep 134 – The Astrology of Health and Well-being Part 3

A wee introduction to the Methodologies from the history of Western Astrology, from the research and practise of Astrologer Lee Lehman. www.leelehman.com. Downloadable graphics and example charts.

With Moreen Reed and Jill Kirby

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Astrology Charts discussed in this episode

Below are the astrology charts referenced in this podcast episode. Click to enlarge the charts for better visibility.

Ptolemy's Basic Nature of the Planets infographic
Ptolemy's Basic Natures of the Planets
Infographic explaining the temperaments
The Temperaments
The four temperaments
The Four Temperaments
Natal chart for Example Female 1
Female 1 natal chart
Female 1 Example Temperaments Listing
Female 1 Temperaments
Natal chart for Example Female 2
Female 2 natal chart
Female 2 example temperament breakdown
Female 2 Temperaments
Temperament listing for Jill Kirby
Jill's Temperaments
Temperament listing for Moreen Reed
Moreen's Temperaments