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Toward a healthy You

Ep 132 – The Astrology of Health and Well-being

Astrology is no substitute for seeking professional medical help… But one can peer into one’s chart and see how to achieve a healthy life style that mitigates inherent problems in the chart. Today we will take an over view of some of the approaches used in this arena. We will continue with more episodes on specifics of health in the weeks to come.

The Lists below are not meant to be exhaustive! A starting point only.

With Moreen Reed and Jill Kirby

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Astrology Charts discussed in this episode

Below are the astrology charts referenced in this podcast episode. Click to enlarge the charts for better visibility.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury in medical astrology graphic
The Sun, Moon and Mercury
Graphic with details of Jupiter and Venus and how they effect health in medical astrology
Jupiter and Venus
Graphic detailing the significations of Mars and Saturn in medical astrology
Mars and Saturn
The astrological keys to health graphic
The Houses
Graphic depicting the zodiac signs and their associations with parts of the body
The Zodiac Signs