Astrology Consultations available via Zoom

Astrological symbols are not all good or bad. They can be worked in either a positive or a negative fashion. By speaking to your unique path Astrology naturally supports and validates the unfolding of your story. Astrology acknowledges the existence of a power greater than mankind but does not align exclusively with one philosophy. It honours the client’s point of view. Astrology recognizes that each person’s experiences are relative, an experience one person sees as a piece of cake, another may experience as death-defying. Your experience is the one that counts.

All readings are approximately 60 minutes via Zoom and are $120 CAD payable via E-transfer or PayPal.

To order an astrology consultation with Moreen, first, select which type of consultation you would like below.  Then select a time and date that suits you and fill out the form.  Moreen will be in touch soon to arrange payment for your reading. 

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