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Jill Kirby

Co-Host, with Moreen is Jill Kirby Astrologer who brings a contrasting viewpoint to “Astrology Today”. 

Jill’s website –  www.holisticarts.ca

Email: jkirbyholisticarts@protonmail.com

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I have studied Astrology since 1974 (starting about 6 months after my eldest daughter was born), when I was drawn to take a basic Astrology course at night school. 

From that little course, I learned how to calculate a chart, and spent a great deal of time drawing up charts of my family and friends. This was, of course, prior to the advent of personal computers, which made the process so quick and simple.

Over the years, as a single parent raising three daughters, I found it helpful to have the insights provided by their astrological charts, to better understand them, their needs, talents, emotional natures, etc. (not that it made me a perfect parent, of course!). It did give me a perspective on how different each child was from her siblings and from me, how unique each of us is. It was also extremely helpful in understanding the dynamics of our relationships.

Though much of my study was through reading many of the excellent books by the top Astrologers, I also attended many of the annual NORWAC conferences in Seattle as well as several UAC, international conferences, over the years.

It was so great to be at the conferences with hundreds of other Astrologers from around the world….people who actually ‘spoke the language’. There, I hung out with and learned directly from many of the best and brightest astrologers such as Noel Tyl, Donna Cunningham, Steven Forrest, Jeff Green, Howard Sasportas and so many others.

I was privileged to study with Jim Lewis who developed Astro-Carto-Graphy.  Jim was a pioneer and I feel so blessed to have met and studied with him and to be one of the few who was trained and certified by him in the practice of Astro-Carto-Graphy.

I began doing astrological consultations with clients in 1984 and love doing these sessions as much today as I did when I first began. 

As an Astrologer, my approach is eclectic and my perspective, holistic. I have always seen astrology as a tool in the healing process, as healing literally means becoming whole. The individual’s chart is, after all, a circle, symbol of wholeness. 

The study of Astrology is a life-long study and truly an examination of the interwoven patterns and cycles of life itself.